The body combat against perplexing inwardness 

The roots are blooming, the ground is starting to be filled with entities 

The roots are intertwining with every possible sense

The roots are tangled up with anger 

But anger,anger isn’t a bad thing as they claimed 

Anger is a revolution 

Anger is a savior, anger is a rebellious sense 

Anger is the womb for every unborn possibility of worthwhile lives 

Anger creates,creates and creates

Anger inhales the life right into the bodies

“Anger” will always remain a significantly immense sense that words won’t justify.

Explore it, go through it, despise it, try to escape it and decay there

You knew those red flags since too long but never realized them,you have caught up in a selflessly ridiculous thing
Who’s going to hold a drop of the water when it’s all leaking out?

Who’s going to stop madness from shattering the body?

And mostly important;who’s going to find the right words and write the perfect letters when it’s too late,who’s going to contain everything ?

And you,you have been walking all the way for years and years and other pointless years to reach your home that is placed in the heart of your nostalgic forest 

And you have reached the forest,it’s not green or full of life and birds,nothing is like what the promising plans told you

Thus,you have arrived and the forest was all dull and barren,you have chosen to enter it anyways because who knows? !

Maybe the beautiful forest is right inside of this blank place,maybe the soulful times exist into it 

Hopelessly,you walked and kept walking for the sake of finding that mesmerizing core and never knew that your feet were leading you into another form of that core,into another core that is realistically disappointing and I , I keep spinning around that core like a burning star that’s slowly decaying into ashes 

Do I want to colorize my remains ?

Do I want them to be eye-catching even though I won’t be here to witness this delivered prayer?

Does it matter? Will it matter anymore after exposing the frightening core?

I want to enunciate those words but the core is tapping on the watch and telling me that my time is up

Maybe I do need new eyes to look through you and life without sensing that immense burden of disappointments weighing me down, and maybe I just need to close them for one eternity or more away from where the world is just a mock and I’m delusional.  

Sinful questions 

Perhaps I have forgetton how it feels like to be in the reality,perhaps I wasn’t good enough to deal with it,I touched the skies once but I’m still yearning to be within it ,perhaps I would never allow myself to feel how it’s like to be on the ground,because I can’t get over the warmth of the skies,the attempts of fooling myself that led me into heavens am I still faithful to them?

,am I too  commitmented to the urges of being out there,wandering among the real delusions 

Am I despising myself for loving it?

Am I too tangled to be into my own loneliness, am I being someone else?

inadequately,I kept wandering among my sinfully beloved questions 

Crowd amidst the water

People are used to hold that glass of water and never drink from it,they are used to hold it tightly and sometimes too recklessly,look at it confusingly and return it back to its dully wooden table 

Sometimes I start to believe that maybe just maybe;it’s the right time to release that glass,maybe it’s time to stop it from being held 

Maybe it’s the right time for that glass of water to be somewhere else,somewhere away from that room with a dully wooden table.

For the glass of water that wanted to contain anything but water,for the intense urges of being out of the glass and the room with a dull wooden table;there will come a time when “relief” will be the visitor and it will shatter the glass,relieve the glass and the water too.

The room is no longer a dull room

The glass isn’t on the table anymore

The glass won’t sense the table or the room,not anymore 

Unconscious giggles

Giggles were floating insanely narcissistically into your chest,your breath was about to stop that day,the entire world was a perspicuous shadow you used to play with,for a while there it was a land of ideologies and you are the one who despises ideologies,but never hated your own ideologies

you were laughing insanely and every time you looked at yourself,you felt as if you were feeding your own astonishing narcissism-roots; you don’t want anyone to interrupt your own silence;many galaxies are in a long process of creation there.

Good night,afternoon 

Dearly sunflowery Sky;

Today I woke up and love is going up all over my being,I’m feeling it again

Today I’m full of love

I admit there were times where the entire world was a soft hand that was wrapping all around me and I couldn’t do anything but I enjoyed every single moment there, 

My chest has a heavy fog, my chest is practicing every single devotion among that astonishing fog

My chest lives under this energetic fog

My chest is glowing everyday

I’m reaching the universe,the universe is reaching 

I am into it, i can never keep my eyes away from the beauty of this universe,my own universe 

My own self.

Bright tunnels 

Skies are something her chest keeps sticking to; skies aren’t the only thing that she feels related to

She got a huge amount of potential,too huge that it becomes scary sometimes because it cannot be apprehended into anyone’s mind 

The energy that she has is too much for a human,but it’s beautiful though 

She loves the bright colors 

The universe and her are in good terms but sometimes she cannot get the way it works for her personally

She’s so smart,nothing tops her own logic

Also,she got her own sense of narcissism 

She believes in science,she trusts the logic 

Sometimes the lonilenss covers up her mind

And she belongs to her own self ;and gosh she’s so strong ,too strong 

She gets lost into bill withers’s voice 

She practices love and kindness wholeheartedly 

She appreciates beauty,in everything 

In the mornings-promises 

In the real connection between herself and her beloved ones

Details,poetry,laughter of a friend,writing,ideas and mostly important in herself 
She lives under no rule,rules and instructions are something she doesn’t know

She sees beauty in the real pure connection whether it’s emotionally,spirtuality or physically 

She’s so quiet,calm and beautiful 

She speaks her mind to those who are able to understand 

Beauty glows into her continuously 

She likes befriending those who are older than her 

She has a rare kind of intimacy between herself and things

Sometimes she thinks that her favourite word is “own” maybe because it makes her sense glarmously the beauty of narcissism

Liberty,equality,science and philosophy are things she holds inside of her wherever she goes 

She dispases idealogies 

She tends to love perfection even though she’s aware of the unavailability of it

She wants to get her Power into something she doesn’t know 

She’s so powerful 

A thumb on its way to be up

Mouths are despising the words

Mouths shall be wildly open;winds are free to come and blast into them 

Irresistibly; mouths started gazing at the abyss 

Mouths are acknowledging lands

Lands that are touched strangely by the sky

 The Lands could have been everything,

 Warm and chaotic silence is poured into these mouths

Calmness is trying to reach them,not all of them,maybe not today not even tomorrow but it’ll get their hands eventually